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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 56.1%

A:   271   Joined
B:   212   Not Joined


      Welcome to the 

   Williamsville North &

    South High School

        Class Of 1969

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Check out - The Best Of Buffalo Video

Welcome to the WCHS Reunion pages for the

                  Class of 1969.

Here you'll find both classes - North and South - combined, as we were before being ripped apart senior year. There's no reunion activity to report; we're skipping the 45th, but will be back for the 50th in 2019. That's not an excuse NOT come to Old Home Days, or try and arrange a little get-together at Mr. Bills. Just shoot us an email, or throw something out on the Message Forum. By the time 2019 get here, they will be a new Hyatt Hotel back behind the Lord Amherst, and the Williamsville Water Mills completely restored. If it's summer, enjoy the Farmer's Market on Spring Street on Saturday morning, or look for Music On Main Thursday evenings in the village. Contact your fellow classmates through their profiles here. Or bug those who are missing to fill one out! See you in 2019.

   Listen to Alan Belknap Sing Blackbird -


 For pictures of the 60th Birthday party, look on profiles for Jackie Worrell Hitchcock and Glenda Cisilin.

For a video of Donna Koch Winnick hula-hooping, to go

To view a PDF of brochures used on the Village Walkabout, look here:

Memories of the Village - 000/6/8/9/5986/userfiles/file/Memories.pdf

Village Walkabout - 000/6/8/9/5986/userfiles/file/Walkabout.pdf



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If you have an opportunity, please "tag" the person in the 60th birthday party pictures.

Robert F Mindel passed away on 3/27/17

Hi Everyone---I posted some pictures from the weekend. You can find them on my profile. I haven't figured out how to put them anywhere else.
Jackie Worrell Hitchcock