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      Welcome to the 

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Welcome to the WCHS Reunion pages for the

                  Class of 1969. 

Dear Classes of Williamsville 1969: 
What a difference a year makes.  Our reunion is nearly two years behind us, and so much has transpired in that time.  I have often pondered how fortunate we were to graduate in 1969 while those a year behind have had to postpone their celebration by a year.  What strange times these have been!  
We are fortunate to live in an era when contact is facilitated so easily by the internet.  It is difficult to imagine how life in 1918 was so very different while that pandemic raged and our parents were either very young or a just twinkle in the eyes of their parents, as my dad used to say.  Many of us have reconnected on Facebook, even those of us who used to avoid it.  Thanks to all of you who kept spirits up by text, phone or posts while we hunkered down awaiting a vaccine.
We continue to keep the class database updated in terms of those we've lost and I can report that, again, it's apparent we are fortunate not to have seen a spike in losses despite a fearful year.  That said, much of what we update comes from you all who report from newspapers where you are, so there's no telling just how up to date we really are.  Historically speaking all the same, reports have stayed level, perhaps boding well.
We do note the passing of one of Williamsville's esteemed faculty.  Fran O'Shei has passed away at the age of 88, such a funny man who was the height of 'cool' back when 'cool' was hard to come by, especially in a faculty we delighted in deriding.  Mr. O'Shei never merited a sobriquet, like Pumpkinhead or Chromedome.  He was just the teacher everyone wanted to have, in a class of standouts...shoulder to shoulder with Fred Murphy, Mike Calandra and Katherine Adams ...and others, I'm sure.  Teacher, coach and mentor, Mr. O'Shei left his mark on many Williamsville classes for many years.  He stands out in so many ways, not least of all his height.  He'll be missed.
Here's to progress in getting us back together and hopes we can have some manner of in person gatherings, small or large, in the not horribly distant future.   Looking forward to that!  And if you haven't joined Facebook or seen the page Bobbie Moore has set up, take a look!  It's one more way to stay in touch.  
Your fellow classmate and friend - Cris Adair Hicks
Link For ReUnion Facebook Page: