Michael P. Mirand

Profile Updated: May 28, 2014
Residing In: Winter Springs, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: divorced
Homepage: www.michaelmirand.com
Occupation: Teacher, Jazz and Sinatra Tribute singer, Actor
Yes! Attending Reunion

After spending about thirty years in the theatre acting and directing, I woke up one day to realize I loved the theatre but didn't like actors very much. I was even married and divorced TWICE to actresses. Oh, oh, now what? I had been slowly transitioning to Jazz singing, and so I threw myself into music with abandon. It payed off. Working very hard, I developed some "chops" and began to earn some respect from the musicians I've worked with. (Musicians are not always keen on vocalists, for good reason.) I've done a number of jazz festivals including about seven years with the Lewiston Jazz Festival. Along the way, some agent thought I sounded and phrased a bit like Frank Sinatra. I was approached to audition for a traveling Rat Pack group. This was about six years ago. They didn't know I was an actor as well, so I entered in character and in voice. I've been doing "Frank" ever since. I rewrote the script and we do the show much like it was in Vegas with the original Frank, Sammy, and Dean. It pays well, so I was able to use that money to record a jazz cd in Canada last year.They've played cuts on Jazz FM 91 in Toronto, in Montreal, Saratoga, NY and all over Florida. However, in Buffalo I can't get the stations to even listen to it. Needless to say, I don't sing in Buffalo much any more. Just got back from a casino in Edmonton, Alberta with the Rat Pack, then went solo New Year's Eve in Vero Beach, Florida. I usually book out of town any holiday weekend I can get away. Why holidays? In my other life I teach ESL at Bennett High and Performing Arts in the Buffalo School system. Regrets? I've had a few, but then again....Gotta say, this forty year thing is a complete kick in the head. I'm still running like a kid, so I don't get it. Forty years? Let's just see what the next forty bring.

School Story:

I remember one extremely cold day, I was quarterbacking for the first Williamsville North football team. My center was Wayne Omel. A quarterback has to put his hands under center so the center can feel where to snap the ball. I start calling signals, but Wayne couldn't feel my hands due to the extreme cold. So Wayne yells out, "More pressure, more pressure!" The middle linebacker on the opposing team starts cracking up. So, I give Wayne the signal for a quarterback sneak, he snaps me the ball and we run right up the middle all over this guy for about 15 yards. We didn't have a particulary successful season. I wasn't particularly gifted as a quarterback. But, we were tough. And that toughness lasts a lifetime. I'm glad we're having a North-South reunion. Before we split, we were in the trenches together. I'm sure a lot of the guys will never forget those forth quarter drills we used to do at the end of practice. If you were there, then you know what I'm talking about.

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I missed seeing you at the reunion. Last in our class?! I always knew you were bright, just not into classes. Anyway, where do you stay in Florida? My wife and I live in Cocoa Beach
Mike Mirand
P.S. I recall those poor blackbirds

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Happy birthday??Hope your day is special!

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